Attention men!
If you thought your Glory Days were behind you,
think again! Now you could have...
The best sex of your life - 
For the REST of your life!

Dear Reader,
Sure, some things get better with age... but you probably never expected your sex life to be one of them. It’s been heard over and over again - men saying they'd give anything to return to their Glory Days.
And I'm sure, like them, you remember when every attempt was satisfying - and there was no limit to your sex life. 
If you thought those days were long gone, there's some critical news you need to know... about a groundbreaking discovery that could help you GET IT ALL BACK -  and then some.
Those "Glory Days" you've been so nostalgic for? They'll pale in comparison to what you're about to experience. The fact is...
The BEST is yet to come!
You see, unlike so many of the other "male enhancement" products you've seen advertised, this discovery doesn't just work to fix the mechanics involved in sex...
As a doctor, I’ve learned something over the years that may surprise you - age has very little to do with sex. There are men out there having the best sex of their lives well into their 80th year and beyond. Imagine, sex getting better and better through your 50s... 60s... and 70s.
It's not only possible, it's happening every day for the hundreds of men who are in on the secret behind what makes this sexual dynamo so powerful. You see, emerging research
shows that a specialised, three-pronged support system may very well hold the key to helping you hurdle over... 
The little-known roadblock standing in the way of your manhood
What you've heard is true. Your testosterone levels DO start to dwindle as you get older. And for some men it causes all sorts of problems.

But here's a critical piece of information you probably haven't heard.

You can safeguard your sexual health before problems start – without touching your testosterone levels!
Don't get me wrong. Testosterone is still an important part of every man's health and I always work with my patients to keep an eye on their levels and normalise them if necessary. (And I encourage you to work with your doctor to do the same.) 
But the fact is, there's a better way to fuel your desire... and to get - and maintain erections when you want. 
The secret is to tap into...
The hidden sources of stamina every man needs more of
Research has revealed literally dozens of nutrients and botanicals you can use to promote erections, support sexual desire and maintain vitality. Some are recent discoveries, while others have been used for centuries. And while some work great on their own, we found that some work even better together...
Our panel of experts, at FSP Nutritionals, have  uncovered a select group of herbs, nutrients and amino acids that could offer the most comprehensive support for your sex life to date. 
They actually work in concert with one another to help promote a healthy and satisfying sex life... And the result is Argi-Vive PlusImagine if you could have more frequent and firmer erections... enhanced desire and stamina...
Argi-Vive Plus helps get the wheels of your body’s natural arousal process turning for amazing sex. It works naturally, with your body and has no known side-effects. Starting with the very first delicious, effervescent serving, you could notice a difference in the bedroom......
Keep going - 'til you're BOTH satisfied
1. Rediscover amazing sex by boosting your male potency – naturally!
We fortified Argi-Vive Plus with the precursor to your body’s own natural “sex messenger”. You see, when things start to heat up, your body kicks off a series of complex chemical and physiological processes. The endothelial cells in your penis then release a “sex messenger” saying: ‘Get ready, it’s time for sex’.
This “sex messenger” is nitric oxide. It opens up the blood vessels in your penis and allows for the rush of blood you need to achieve erections. But as you get older, your cells can weaken and your body just doesn’t pump out as much nitric oxide as you need. But Argi-Vive Plus helps promote healthy nitric oxide levels so you could  perform like a man should! 
Argi-Vive Plus contains a generous 3,000mg of the amino acid, L-arginine. It’s been shown to boost nitric oxide naturally. 
Some supplements rely on L-arginine alone to help fuel strong erections. But Argi-Vive Plus’s “Triple Action” formula combines L-arginine with an important botanical shown to actually enhance its power... panax ginseng.
This ancient aphrodisiac actually enhances the power of L-arginine for harder, longer-lasting erections

Long held in high regard as an aphrodisiac in Eastern medicine, it turns out panax ginseng is as powerful as folklore describes. Mature panax ginseng roots could actually enhance L- arginine’s ability to promote harder, longer lasting erections. (Research  suggests that it works by increasing L -arginine's  conversion to nitric oxide.) 
Studies show that men with healthy nitric oxide production experience more powerful erections for a better sex life than those who don’t. And promising new studies are starting to show that nitric oxide may hold the key to improving fertility too! 
Healthy nitric oxide production could be the key to being ready for sex whenever you want to be. And L-arginine and panax ginseng — the first tier of Argi-Vive Plus  “Triple Action” formula is a fast and easy way to promote the nitric oxide production you need. 
Soon you’ll see why this “Triple Action” breakthrough could promote the invigorating sex you’re looking for...

2. The stuff legendary lovers are made of…
Just getting an erection isn’t enough without the stamina or  sexual desire to back it up. And that’s where the second tier of Argi-Vive Plus’ “Triple Action” formula comes in... It makes heating things up in the bedroom a whole lot easier - naturally.
Every culture around the world has their “sex secrets”. Herbal extracts, botanical blends, even vegetable roots that men have used to promote sexual desire, stamina and satisfaction for thousands of years. Some turned out to be little more than old wives tales, but others have been passed down through generations for good reason.
So we gathered together seven of the most powerful “sex secrets” to safely boost libido and desire. Then we combined them into the second tier of Argi-Vive Plus “Triple Action”  formula. Just one look at this proprietary blend of botanicals and you’ll see why Argi-Vive Plus could ignite your sexual desire and stamina for more pleasurable sex...

Secret #1: Pernambuco’s “desire drink” – For generations, the indigenous Brazilian tribes have shared a secret. To stimulate sexual desire they would create and drink an infusion made from the peeled bark of the flowered catuaba tree.
Today, their secret has spread throughout Brazil, to modern states like ParaMaranhao and Pernambuco. And while researchers are still trying to hone in on its active ingredients and unravel its mysterious role in sexual function, catuaba bark recipes continue to grow in popularity as the Brazilian men continueto reap its benefits.
Secret #2: Herbalists’ legendary arousal secret – Epimedium grandiflorum is a strange sounding herb with an even stranger sounding nickname — horny goat weed. As the story goes, a Korean goat herder noticed his flock would suddenly become  sexually active after eating the plant. He quickly spread the word and soon men all over Korea were nibbling on Epimedium to inspire their sexual desires too. Today, it is still highly valued by Asian herbalists for boosting a man’s life force or chi and increasing sexual appetite.
Secret #3: A herb proving more valuable to men than gold! Grown in the Peruvian Andes, maca has a history of fueling sexual desire that goes back 4,500 years! As legend goes, the Incas relied on the root to inspire reproduction. And when Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro conquered them in 1532, he was so impressed with maca, instead of filling all of his ships with gold and precious jewelled Incan relics, he loaded one of them with 900 tons of the herb.

Secret #4: The sustaining power of “the essence of man” – Used by men to help promote longer-lasting erections and sexual pleasure for the last 4,000 years, panax ginseng is a legendary aphrodisiac if ever there was one. You already know about its ability to help charge up your sex life by aiding in the production of erection-fuelling nitric oxide. But here’s something you may not know... panax ginseng can also help promote a healthy libido. No wonder the Chinese translation for ginseng means the essence of man.
Secret #5: A tropical tonic for sexual prowess – In Guyana and the Amazon, a small tree called muira puama holds the locals’ secret to igniting sexual desire. People living along the Amazon’s Rio Negro river have long used the tree’s bark and flowers to enhance sexual prowess. And today scientists believe its unique combination of long chain fatty acids, plant sterols, alkaloids and triterpenes may be responsible for helping to promote a man’s sexual desire and drive. 
Secret #6: Go to the “heart” of sexual pleasure – Used to increase sexual pleasure for more than 3,000 years, science is just starting to understand how  ashwagandha works. Tests reveal that there are more than 35 natural compounds in the ashwagandha plant. But, so far, it’s the root that has been the most supportive for sexual desire and stamina. Researchers believe its benefits come from its ability to help encourage healthy cardiovascular function, especially under stress. No wonder in Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha root is used regularly, even today, to help increase a man’s physical stamina for better sex.
Secret #7: One of China’s most potent aphrodisiacs! Although a tasteless and odourless plant, gotu kola is regarded as one of the most
potent aphrodisiacs in China. Its leaves seem to work wonders by powering a man’s sexual appetite. Researchers believe natural biochemicals dilate blood vessels and increase circulation to the genitals. This could be why men around the world claim to use gotu kola leaves to intensify pleasure and orgasm too!

Have great sex into your 80s with Argi-Vive Plus’s triple action formula
But let me get something straight...
Argi-Vive Plus is much more than just a temporary boost for your sexual desire and drive. Its “Triple Action” formula could be the most  comprehensive support for your entire sexual health and masculine well-being.
3. Strong reproductive health
There’s more to maintaining a great sex life than just stronger erections and enhanced stamina. Remember, men who are having great sex into their 80s could actually have strong reproductive health too. And that’s why Argi-Vive Plus may be the next generation in men’s sexual health...
Argi-Vive Plus’ “Triple Action” formula helps provide your reproductive system with what it needs to be healthy and stay that way... Good old fashioned vitamins. 
Now I know what you’re thinking. When you want a hard, long-lasting erection, vitamins are probably the last thing that comes to your mind. But just like vitamins are essential to your body, they’re essential to a good sex life too. 

Vitamins like B12 could strengthen the testes and can help increase the number of healthy sperm for long lasting vitality.
It’s no wonder that as you get older and your erections wane, so does your body’s absorption of Vitamin B12. In fact, many men struggling with diminished drive and less potent erections are vitamin deficient. That’s why Argi-Vive Plus’ third tier of “Triple Action” is specially formulated with the nutritional support you need... 
It’s fortified with niacin and vitamin B12. These two vitamins show in clinical studies to support healthy male reproductive function. And research suggests vitamin B12 may also promote your sperm count too! With this kind of nutritional support, you could be ready to go whenever the mood strikes you…

  Yes, I want the best sex of my life!

Keep the fires stoked without getting burned
Because best of all, it's just a pill … It’s simply never been easier to achieve harder erections, powerful libido and stamina naturally. You see, Argi-Vive Plus’ “Triple Action” formula taken daily this incredible sexual support is locked inside a pill.
Already men who’ve tried it are raving about how easy it is to take. 
Stronger, sharper, and more vibrant than men half your age
Because after just one day and you’ll feel the difference If you’ve ever wished you could have better sex with your wife then I urge you to give Argi-Vive Plus a try today. You’ll join men from across the world who are experiencing a new level of arousal with their lovers - safely and naturally. Men like Louis Cantrell who wrote in to tell us how Argi-Vive Plus “Triple Action” formula is improving his life...

“Argi-Vive Plus is the first
supplement to offer an alert and
heads up approach to my everyday.
Thanks to Argi-Vive III... I am a new
man! Thank you FSP Nutritionals.”

Louis and others are telling us that they’ve never experienced anything like the power of Argi-Vive Plus' “Triple Action” formula. And quite frankly, I’m not surprised...

  Yes, I want the best sex of my life!

One-stop-shopping for ultimate manhood 

“Triple Action” just might be the most comprehensive and convenient way to enhance your sex life. Each tier of support works together for powerful results your wife will thank  you for.
With 3,000mg of L-arginine backed up by panax ginseng, the first tier helps promote stronger erections... 
With 7 of the most powerful aphrodisiacs used by men all over the world, the second tier helps fuel sexual desire, stamina and orgasm... 
With niacin and vitamin B12, the third tier helps nourish your reproductive system for optimum male virility... 
With Argi-Vive Plus' effervescent formulation, you could support all three things your body needs for strong sexual arousal with only one formula.
Another big bedroom bonus
The critical male amino acid L-arginine is water-soluble. That means that when you drink Argi-Vive Plus' “Triple Action”, you’re releasing L-arginine's erection
supporting power. Just Argi-Vive Plus is all you may need.
Your daily Argi-Vive Plus every day could just be enough to support your erections, desire and sexual energy so that when the mood strikes, you are ready... And you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try...

  Yes, I want the best sex of my life!

Try Argi-Vive Plus now – Risk Free
Here at FSP Nutritionals we’re so sure you’ll be thrilled with your sex life after using Argi-Vive Plus that we’re offering an ironclad 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t experience stronger erections, enhanced desire, stamina and more intense orgasms... just return all the bottles (used and unused) to us during the first 60 days. You’ll get a FULL REFUND, no quibbles. Simply send back the unused portion (including the free bottles) of Argi-Vive Plus any time and we’ll refund every cent of your purchase price! 

So what are you waiting for?
You don’t have to give up great sex just because you’re getting on in years. With Argi- Vive Plus “Triple Action” support, your body could naturally get ready for sex no matter what your age.  So you could have routine erections and great sex into your  90s. What a great change for your nights and your mornings! And Argi-Vive Plus couldn’t be healthier… You can drink it every single day. In fact, I don’t hesitate to recommend Argi-Vive Plus to men of any age. The “Triple Action” formula contains only the vitamins, amino acids and herbs designed to work with your body’s natural arousal process — not overpower it. In fact, I recently gave a bottle to my dad. While he’d probably say “mind your own business” if I asked for any bedroom confessions, I can tell you that today he’s a vigorous 89 years old and still on the tennis court!
So if you wish you could put more desire and spontaneity back into your bedroom, try Argi-Vive Plus today. With the“Triple Action” breakthrough, Argi Vive Plus could make it easier than ever before to get aroused naturally. And let’s face it, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen.
So don’t wait another minute. 

  Yes, I want the best sex of my life!

To a more fulfilling sex life,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher - FSP Nutritionals

P. S. Having great sex could be as easy as taking Argi-Vive Plus every day. The Triple Action” breakthrough provides the raw materials your body needs for naturally harder erections, stronger stamina and sexual desire. So don’t wait another minute. 
P. P. S. Remember, you have time to put Argi-Vive Plus to the test for yourself (and your wife!) — completely RISK-FREE! So take advantage of this opportunity to stock up today and receive 3 bottles free and save R1349.95. That’s 50% off the normal price. If Argi-Vive Plus doesn’t boost your love life simply send back all the bottles (used and unused) any time and get all of your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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